About Us

Our Vision

Engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our clients. We will maximize ROI to the clients while still maintaining quality, professional solutions, integrated systems throw our products and services.

Our Mission

Creating Value to our clients and make strategic partnership for succession.

Our Value

 Changing from a cost center to a trusted business partner within the enterprise. The change is needed to give the business the tools to be competitive in this global marketplace. 

Our history

ISG Stablished in 2014 with an innovative idea between the board members, this idea serve the society and help wide rage of human in field of medication, We start from the end of others and launching the idea by developing the application that will help us to achieve what we are looking for, this application called ROSHETA.

Our Drivers Value



We care about our employees , customers, vendors and partners    



We plan for every opportunity very carefully before getting engaged.



Our Clients get added value in a very short time.



We do follow the software best practices, Standards, Methodologies during the whole project lifecycle.



We care about our performance.  

Why choose us?

We have level of effectiveness of the design function in determining a product’s operational requirements (and their incorporation into design requirements) that can be converted into a finished projects

We can provide live / online 24×7 support for our projects and products.

Our experts team used to describe knowing what results are important, and focusing resources to achieve them.

Our goal is to help our clients to have a faster ROI for the proposed projects.

ISG has a very qualified expertise in different sector to get an innovative project that can help clients achieve their targets.

Would you like to start a project with us?

If you would like to start a project with us or to have a free quotation or consultation . . please contact us at info@isg-eg.com